Growing up in Southern California meant that at a young age I became a keen observer of both the built environment as well as the natural since they are intertwined effortlessly here. In a small beach town such as Santa Barbara, it was fairly simple to go on a beach walk one part of the day as it was to ride my bike through the center of town and be equally intrigued by both vistas. 

The memory of place is one of my focuses for exploration and painting from. Whether it be a scene of calm on an atypically uncrowded beach shore, walking by abandoned warehouses, or making a road-trip stop; the place itself is not the focus - but rather the moment and interaction between people, location, and time is. In a rapidly changing landscape, I am interested in the fleeting relationship between us and our environment that continues to evolve due to natural causes and human decisions.                                                                    

                                                                                         L E T Y   G A R C I A  

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